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RH Financial Consultants Limited are a growing independent financial advice business who, having outgrown their aging IT and communication system, were concerned by downtime and problems with their telephony which was resulting in an inefficient office and more importantly, hindering the level of service they wish to attain.

There was further concern with regard to their web presence as they recognised that potential clients may be put off by a website that did not reflect the quality of products and services that they offer. As the business evolved, new IT resources were purchased as and when required. This evolution, however, resulted in the use of differing operating systems and numerous incompatibilities meaning even simple file shares could not easily be set up, if at all.

Both legacy and new paperwork was scanned, stored and backed up to on site hardware. This left the data vulnerable to becoming corrupt, damaged or deleted; accessing this data proved more difficult still, without a simple way to archive and make the information available at a later date.

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