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"we can now access our data without being in the office - The man hours this facility has saved us runs in to the hundreds"

'Cloud computing' and 'hosted solutions' are more than just buzz words as they can represent tremendous cost savings as well as bolstering business productivity.

Being tied to an in-house server is a thing of the past and providing that you have a reliable data connection then your documents and files can be pulled using any secure internet connection across a multitude of devices including desktop computers and mobile phones.

We can supply, set up and maintain a Microsoft Office 365 cloud solution in your business which has the advantage of not only providing a cloud experience but also keeps you up to date with MS Office software using a single licence covering a number of machines. If the costs of the MS Office 365 seem high then we can also implement OwnCloud which is an open source product which can be tailored to any business needs.
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